Edmund Ward trading as ESW Proofreading Services:

This business is not one of the many that claim to be qualified Proofreaders but in fact do not have the qualifications…

Edmund began with good education in English, Latin and Greek, and his true qualifications came with an intense course in proofreading at the Publishing Training Centre, London.
He achieved a pass ‘with distinction’, which less than 5% of learners can do. He handles all types of written work—from the small to the large, the short to the long, and from the easy to the tough.

He is in touch with the writer to be certain that there are no ‘crossed lines’ and that the finished work is exactly what’s wanted.
Are you not so sure of the words you are writing? If you wish, the proofreading can develop into a rewriting job. Customers sometimes ask for a new set of words—and it gets done…but only if that’s what you

ESW is the genuine Proofreader who does exactly what you need—and want.