Are you writing an article or perhaps a book?
We can help you finish it off in the way the agent or publisher would like to see it. To them, any errors mean lost money. To you, it could mean rejection.

Whether fiction or non-fiction your text must be ready for that publisher to see—the book must be consistent.

A manual or a journal? It has to be in good, clear English that the reader has no trouble understanding. The details must all corroborate. 

Let us check it through, to be sure you are presenting the best image to the people you need to impress. Not quite sure of the words you have chosen? We can rewrite the text to suit your needs—only when you require it.
Send it online or on paper, tell us your needs, and it will be handled immediately.
You are dealing with a qualified professional, a Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders—a proofreader that you can trust.